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WiFi Hotspots

WiFi hotspots are places where users can visit anytime for fast and reliable broadband wireless internet access. WiFi hotspot services are available in places in such as internet cafes,
coffee houses/shops, and airports around the world, although coverage is patchy in comparison with cellular.

Most WiFi location will not have any restrictions to access, but there will be some locations that may restrict access in one of the several ways:

  • Through a login procedure to users with a registered account;
  • Some require users to be registered guest of their facility;
  • Other may require you to a be a customer and that implies that you are make a purchase;
  • There are those that require a purchase to gain a password required to login;
  • Some may ask some survey questions as part of a login process.
The WiFi wireless broadband internet connection allows users to do anything that you would normally do at home or the office on the internet. You can freely surf on the web, check and send
emails, connect to your corporate network, make free voice over IP phone calls, play online games, update your blog, and IM with your friends.

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