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WiFi Future

The outlook of WiFi broadband wireless internet is boundless. The future is set to provide greater and longer connection ranges with faster
transfer speeds. This allows users to freely surf on the web, check and send emails, connect to your corporate network, make free voice over IP phone calls, play online games, update your blog, and IM with your friends more efficiently with stabilities.

The future is set with many companies looking into offering users WiFi not only around internet cafes, coffee houses/shops, and airports around the world but also in public libraries, academic locations such as schools, colleges and
universities, hotels, motels, resorts, apartment blocks, shopping centers, restaurants and even into homes and offices. This hopes to
eliminates the hassles of dial-up internet services and the fuss of costly installations of broadband cables, and broadband ADSL connections. With WiFi available consumers can freely use their computer around places where it suit them without all the lines and cables.

In the futures we would also see better securities measures in protecting personal and confidential data's being received and sent out. There
will also be better anti-virus and firewall protections whilst using WiFi around destinated areas.

With fierce competition of different companies we would see cheaper internet connection costs and choices for better services to consumers.

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