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WiFi Disadvantages

Due the fact that WiFi are still relatively new, there are considerably more disadvantages to users. Let's have a look at them:

  • The use of WiFi band that is 2.4 GHz does not require a license in most countries provided that is stays below limit of 100mW and one accepts interference from other sources; including interference which causes the users devices to no longer function.
  • The spectrum assignments and operational limitations are not consistent worldwide.
  • Power consumption is fairly high compared to some other standards, making the battery life and heat a concern to some users.
  • WiFi uses the unlicensed 2.4GHz spectrum, which often crowded with other devices such as Bluetooth, microwave ovens, cordless phones, or video sender devices, and among many others. This may cause degradation in performance.
  • WiFi networks have limited range. A typical WiFi home router might have a range of 45m (150ft) indoors and 90m (300ft) outdoors. Ranges may also vary as WiFi is no exception to the physics of radio wave propagation with frequency band.
  • The most common wireless encryption standard, wired equivalent privacy or WEP has been shown to be breakable even when it has been correctly configured.
  • Access points could be used to steal personal and confidential information transmitted from WiFi consumers.
  • Intervention of a closed or encrypted access point with other open access points on the same or a nearby channel can prevent access to the open access points by others in the area. It poses a high problem in high-density areas such as large apartment blocks where many residents are operating WiFi access points.
  • Inter-operability issues between brands or deviations can cause limited connection or lower output speeds.
  • Free access points can be used by the malicious to anonymous to initiate an attack that would be extremely difficult to track beyond the owner of the access point.

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