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Internet Access

Broadband Internet

Internet Access

Internet is a computer based global information system which is complete with many interconnected computer networks that enables them to share information with other
users. The network may link tens, hundreds, or even thousands of computers which is like a web, hence it is also known as the “world wide web (www)”.

The internet has allowed users all around the world to interact and communicate with one another effectively and inexpensively. Those with access to the internet can communicate directly with anyone else on the internet, post information for general consumption, retrieve information, use distant applications, and services, or buy and sell products.

The actually of amount of internet users are unknown, but we know that more the half of the world’s populations have used or are using the internet and that this number is on a rise.
This is why internet providers are constantly increasing their technology and service to met these demands. Let’s have a look at the different internet connection options:

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