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Broadband Satellite Internet

Broadband satellite internet is a great way for users to enjoy amazing broadband internet almost anywhere around the world. This is because satellite internet does not depend on land-based telephone lines or cables.
It can reach to places that are far beyond the range of ADSL broadband or broadband cable services.

Broadband satellite internet uses the enormous bandwidth and geographical coverage of orbiting satellites. So for those users who live in a community far from the nearest city can still experience the surf of the web at amazing speeds with stability.

There are 2 different options of broadband satellite internet that consumers can choose from:

  • High speed uploads and downloads with a 2-way satellite service – this is better for users who are upload a lot of data; either as a professional or specialist internet user.
  • A hybrid 1-way satellite services that gives users fast downloads with either cost-effective but slower then telephone-line uploads or somewhat faster ISDN uploads – this is recommended for home or small business users.
Either option will allow users to download large files and data at a fast speed. Many users are surprise by the amazing download speeds of broadband satellite service even when
downloading larger files as it takes a lot less waiting time when compared with dial-up internet services.

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