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Broadband Cable

Broadband cable is delivering internet service through the same cable television infrastructure via a cable modem designed for high-speed connections between a PC and the internet. It can deliver
data at up to 100 times the speed of standard telephone modems.

Let's have a look at the benefits of broadband cable:

  • Consumers can download larger files at super fast speed and less waiting period. Broadband cable internet offers speeds up to 300% faster than standard dial up internet services and around 65% faster than ADSL broadband.
  • Broadband cable does not interfere with other services at the user's home. Users can still watch their cable television while online, make and receives telephone calls, and receiving and sending out faxes.
  • Never have to worry about connection as cable does not hinder with the user's telephone service. Once the user is set-up they are instantly connected to the internet immediately.
  • Most broadband cable does not carry excess costs and extra line rental. User's can always stay connected. There are no busy signals, drop-outs, call costs, and connection delays like dial-up internet.

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