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ADSL Broadband Internet

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line or better known as ADSL broadband is a relatively new broadband technology which offers users super-fast internet access without the need of lots of equipment.

ADSL broadband is delivered through the use everyday copper phone lines without the blocking any calls or faxes going out or in. With the ADSL broadband
connection it allows the user to surf the net at great speed of up to 20 times faster than standard dial-up internet.

The advantages of ADSL are:

  • Users can download large files at a faster speed with a lot less waiting time and with the limited chance of the line dropping out like dial-up internet can do.
  • While on the internet user can still use their telephone for chat, answering calls, sending and receiving faxes.
  • Consumers does not require an extra phone line for the internet and need not worry about busy signals, drop-outs, and call costs. This is because ADSL can operate on the one telephone line.
  • There are no dial up or waiting time as ADSL broadband does not affect your phone. Users do not need to turn it off as there are not time limits, so it can be use anytime and whenever you want. All the user need to do is to leave your ADSL modem set up to connect the moment the computer is switch on.
The only downside of ADSL broadband is that is may not be available in all areas and that speed of downloading may vary according to the internet traffic
and server capacity and other related factors.

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